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CSB Remodel Project 2015


Richland County Health & Human Services is looking for sub-contractor bids for the construction of:

  • Addition of dividing wall and 2 doors
  • Electrical and Mechanical revisions
  • Sprinkler system revisions
  • Add 2 proximity door readers
  • Remove and replace approximately 750 sq. ft. of carpet
at 221 W Seminary St, Richland Center, WI 53581. Bidders may bid on one part of the project, any combination of parts, or the entire project. Plans and specification sheets are available upon request. Sealed bids must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 and work must be completed by Friday, May 15, 2015. Contact Patrick Metz at 608-649-5935 or for more information.

Richland County Health & Human Services reserves the right to reject any or all bids or accept the bid most advantageous to the County.



  • Build 50’ of new 2’x4’ wood stud wall, full height with ½” gypsum board to above existing suspended acoustic tile ceiling.
  • Retrofit existing acoustic ceiling tiles to attach to both sides of new wall.
  • Install 2 owner provided wood doors (3’0” x 6’8”x1 ¾”), match existing trim, reuse existing door hardware.
  • Finish wall (mud and orange peel finish) and paint (Sherwin Williams – Downy SW 7002) or equivalent.


  • Install 2 new exit light fixtures, connect to existing circuit.
  • Install new electric receptacles on each side of new construction wall.
    • 2 boxes evenly spaced on East side of wall
    • 1 box every 8' on the West side of wall
  • Install new electric and Cat 6 at each door to connect Proximity readers.
  • Install electric and Cat 6 to 6 cubicles from existing East wall.
  • Relocate 1 - 2'x4' light fixture.

Proximity Readers

  • Install proximity readers to new lines at each door.
  • Run wire to board in server room cabinet – new board required.

Mechanical - HVAC

  • Add new air return duct per plans, including volume dampers.
  • Relocate 2 air trnasfer grilles and duct per plans.
  • Alter existing air duct.
  • Relocate 1 supply air register and duct.
  • Balance system.

Mechanical - Sprinkler

  • Add 5 - 2" extensions with sprinkler heads off existing lines per plans.
  • Conduct inspection of existing sprinkler system per 5 year maintenance plan.
  • Provide approvals as required.


  • Tear out and dispose of existing carpet.
  • Install new carpet (Shaw - Election 80200) or equivalent.
  • Instal 4" coved vinyl base (Jonsonite-Perceptions_Quad Profile-Brown RWDC-47-c) or equivalent.


Remodel Specifications             Remodel Blueprint


Health & Human Services Director - Patrick Metz
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