State Superintendent of Public Instruction                                             April 7th, 2009
Justice of the Supreme Court
Circuit Court Judge

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Towns Total Votes Cast
Akan 117
Bloom 130
Buena Vista W1&2 129
Dayton 87
Eagle 141
Forest 108
Henrietta 103
Ithaca 94
Marshall 126
Orion 92
Richland W1-4 202
Richwood W1&W2 138
Rockbridge W1-3 133
Sylvan W1-4 121
Westford W1&2 72
Willow 68

Overall Total  
Overall Total 2857

Villages Total Votes Cast
Boaz 45
Cazenovia W-1 40
Lone Rock W1&2 79
Viola W-2 89
Yuba 17

City Total Votes Cast
Richland Center W1 55
Richland Center W-2 39
Richland Center W-3 52
Richland Center W-4 44
Richland Center W-5 73
Richland Center W-6 80
Richland Center W-7 63
Richland Center W-8 53
Richland Center W-9 61
Richland Center W-10 66
Richland Center W-11 69
Richland Center W-12 71

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