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"Because a child's first three years build a lifetime...we support and empower families to enhance the potential of their child."

Your Child and Family's Intervention Rights in brief

Birth to Three services are for families with children from birth to the age of three. Birth to Three professionals can help you to enhance your child's development by working with you and your family to identify the help your child needs, how you can meet those needs, and who can help you. To be eligible for Birth to Three, your child may have a delay in development or have a diagnosed condition that may result in developmental delays. Your child can be evaluated for eligibility by contacting your county Birth to Three office. If your child is eligible, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed along with you to plan what can be done to meet your child's needs. Parents maintain the right to give consent or to refuse to give consent for services their child receives.

No matter where you live in Wisconsin, your county is responsible for providing Birth to Three services to eligible children and their families. The Birth to Three services you and your child may receive are determined by a team during an IFSP meeting. Your IFSP team will include you, your service coordinator, and other professionals who are related to your child's individual needs. Your county Birth to Three professionals will work with you to identify outcomes for your child and family that are based on your individual needs. The types of services your family receives will depend on your identified needs, but many children and families receive such services as therapy, special instruction (educational services), family education and counseling, and transportation.

Some of your rights are:

Assistance Accessing Services:

You are entitled to have eligibility determined, and to receive assessments to help decide what services may help your child.

Assistance Coordinating Services:

You are entitled to a service coordinator who will help you to.

Resolution of Conflicts:

As a parent, you have the right to disagree with decisions regarding your child's eligibility or the provision of appropriate services to your child and family. Contact your county Birth to Three program for options on how to resolve disagreements.

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